Retro Glasses Lookbook

BRACE YOURSELVES. Summer is right around the corner! Meaning it is time to accessorize! The best part of summer is saying “goodbye” to layers and “hello” to accessories. My all time classic summer accessories are glasses. I have a very retro vibe and absolutely love the 60’s-90’s fashion. So these glasses have more of a retro vibe which will most definitely be the trend this summer.


These purple tinted sunglasses will be everywhere this summer!! Or many like it that is. Not only are colourful tinted glasses super old school, but their pop of colour matches the colourful themes of summer. These glasses are from Urban Outfitters and I’m sure can be thrifted or found online since these are a fast growing trend.




BLACK SUNGLASSES. Everyone needs a pair of classic black sunglasses, it is a MUST. These ones in particular have a nice gold rim around them which I just LOVE. I call them my “petty glasses”, aka the glasses I use to feel as fierce as Beyonce. Not only can these match with any outfit, but it also gives your outfit a super badass vibe! These babies were also bought in Urban Outfitters.




Ah the classic cat eye specs. Now these are another must have in your glasses collection. They are super cute and I personally love brown shaded sunglasses as they remind me of the shades I had as a child. These are glasses I will definitely wear to the beach this summer since they scream beach babe! Also, yes. These are from Urban Outfitters as well.




Next, CLEAR GLASSES. I know, these are not sunglasses. But this old school glasses are my biggest addiction this year. Who doesn’t like the nerdy look? I mean just look at them! They are so retro and perfect for literally ANYTHING! These glasses were definitely a good buy from Urban Outfitters.



These are probably the most retro glasses on this list. These rounded glasses were not only thrifted, but they have such a strong 80’s vibe that you HAVE to dress old school with these on. As simple as they are, they definitely have character. These glasses are a statement of revolution, and history. They can be seen worn by a lot of Black Panthers in the 80’s, which make them so much more meaningful to me than any other glasses I own.




Well there you have it! These are my favourite retro sunglasses, let me know which ones are your favourites and what you’d like to see next!  Hope you enjoyed this read and please feel free to leave comments below on things you would like to know about these glasses! Please like, comment, and follow for more beauty related posts!

Later Lovlies 🙂


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Favourite Beauty Products

As spring slowly creeps in, it is exciting to try new make up looks that match the season. Everyone has their own favourite products that can be used in every season, and without them…. well you just feel incomplete.  So without further ado, here are some of my favourite beauty products! 🙂

HIGHLIGHT. HIGHLIGHT. HIGHLIGHT!! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear highlighter all the time but this Mac Mineralize Skin Finish is a game changer. The light powdery substance just continues to bless your face with a natural glow. One can forget that they have it on until they pass a mirror and get blinded. Being a dark skinned girl, finding a good highlighter that looks natural is sometimes difficult as many come in lighter shades.  However, this Mac highlighter in the colour Gold Deposit creates that nice natural glow that will surely be appreciated as the sun comes out more!IMG_5583


Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation is the love of my life. I have oily skin and using a powder foundation just gives me that matte finish I love. Not only that, but this product is so affordable compared to other foundations I’ve bought. It is easy to applicate as all you need is a good brush to evenly apply the product.


SETTING SPRAY! Since I use make powder foundation, sometimes I want a dewy look and a setting spray helps to provide that summery glow. Not only that, but this Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray makes your make up last all day. LITERALLY. It doesn’t dry sticky like some settings sprays I’ve tried. Instead it gives your face a light and flawless finish. A little trick I’ve learned is that the more setting spray you put on, the more natural your foundation will look.


Excuse the poor quality of this photo. But this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is literally a blessing. I use this pencil almost everyday! The small pencil creates precise strokes to make your brows literally SLAY. Thanks to the brush on the other end, you can easily blend your eyebrows into perfection. I don’t think I could live without this product.


I will not really emphasis much on mascara as everyone already has one they love. What I will say though, is that this Benefit They’re Real mascara is perfect for those that like natural eyelashes. The Brush is great for coating individual strands rather than multiple. One of  my biggest pet peeves are clumps from mascara, and this Benefit mascara has not given me a problem with awkward clumps.


RED LIPSTICK! Time to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe this season because, HONEY, Colour Pop has perfected the matte red lip. Now this specific shade is darker that most red lipsticks but it is perfect! The colour Saturday provides a smooth finish with so much pigment. I mean it literally screams seduction.


Urban Outfitters really came through with this BH Cosmetics Smokey Eye Shadow Palette. It was very cheap and the colours come out great! I alway add concealer on my eye lids before applying eyeshadow, and this really helps to provide an even more pigmented colour. Although nude eye shadow looks were the norm during the winter season, as it get warmer I advice you guys to try more colours during the warmer seasons!


Lastly, 100% pure almond oil is my go to moisturizer all year round. Almond oil is great for the skin as it provides many nutrients. Also, since I have oily skin, once I started using oil as my moisturizer I noticed a big difference on my face. My oily skin reduced so fast it was incredible, and left my skin feeling so soft. Almond oil is something I recommend to everyone.


Well that ends this post on my favourite beauty products! Hope you enjoyed this read and please feel free to leave comments below on things you would like to know about these outfits! Please like, comment, and follow for more beauty related posts!

Later Lovlies 🙂


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Flirty Strawberry Outfit

This specific look is perfect for a valentines day, or date night outfit. The red colours really depict a hidden flirty vibe that is always a great alternative when trying to be cute and simple, while catching that special someones eye!

I had a lot of fun creating this look as it was simple and quick, and taking pictures was really fun! Keep scrolling to view this flirty look in more detail!



Now this shirt is hands down one of my favourites!! Although this is a Banana Republic shirt, it was not bought in store as it is actually thrifted. The colour is a lovely shade of red that is complimentary to any skin tone in my opinion. There is a deep cut in the chest area that can be easily adjusted by strings attached on each side. These strings give the shirt the flirty vibe we all love, as it accentuates the collar bone and chest.



DENIM. DENIM. DENIM! Now who doesn’t love a nice pair off light blue jeans, especially high waisted? These shade of jeans matched perfectly with the dark red top as it created a more simple and old look to it (I love old school outfits btw). In fact, the red shirt and blue jeans felt like as outfit that Monica would wear in Friends, which makes it even better! These pants are also thrifted, but they are not hard to find as they are simple high waisted skinny jeans that stop right above the ankle.



I tucked in the front of the top into the jeans to further accentuate my hips and to show the hight waisted design of the jeans.



To makes the outfit more fun and quirky, style them with cute vintage slippers/heels to give it that old school vibe!



The detail of these slippers/heels create a bold, yet elegant look to this flirty outfit.



However, if you want to go for a more casual look, throw on a pair of white converse and  hit the streets! Converse are the one sneakers that never go out of style, they are truly an essential closet shoe.



Lastly, MAKEUP. For this look I went for a dramatic eye. I used BH Cosmetics Smokey Eye Colour Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Outfitters. Only using one colour (red), I blended it into my crease evenly with tape to create that sharp edge. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the colour Ebony for my eyebrows, and then cleaned them with a bit of  concealer. Any form of mascara for this look would do. Lastly, I applied a drugstore lipgloss for a more sultry look.




Well that ends this tutorial on looking like a flirty strawberry! Hope you enjoyed this read and please feel free to leave comments below on things you would like to know about these outfits! Please like, comment, and follow for more fashion related posts! Later Lovlies 🙂


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Urban Outfitters Seg. 1

A nice Tommy Hilfiger sweater that is just to DIE FOR.



Now these vans are an ESSENTIAL for old school lovers like me! These can be easily styled with an vintage appeal, or a chic modern look. Truly, these Vans design are a basic sneaker that can be easily styled with anything!



JUST LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS!! Although winter is coming to an end, colourful hats for spring should be a thing! I mean, imagine a minimalistic outfit with a pop of colour on your head. Now THAT, is what I call changing the game.



Ahhhh. The basic dad hats. All I can say is, these come in handy especially when your hair decides to betray you!



Thank you all for checking out my first post! I will definitely be posting more artistic posts. Just wait on it my fellow beautylovers! 🙂


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